Can Cannabis Topicals Get You High?

Kathy P. From Yarmouth, MA asks; Can you get high or fail a drug screening from a topical?

This is one of the biggest questions I get asked and for good reason. Many people are drug tested for their jobs and some just don't do well being high regardless of the strain.

Now when specifically speaking about my product the short answer is no. The plants I use are already low in THC just like hemp. In the process of heating and cooling with very specific temperatures, I'm able to evaporate the remaining THC while preserving the other Cannabinoids. 

Now let's say you purchased or you're interested in purchasing a THC infused topical, could that get you high or make you fail a drug test? If used properly, no. Let me explain a little more. 

The most common cannabinoid infused in topicals is CBD, which does not contain any of the psychoactive properties like THC. However, some topicals do contain other cannabinoids like THC. Understandably people are concerned when using THC infused topicals for the reason of being high or failing a drug test.

The good news is, our skin acts as a protective barrier and it can't be absorb through  For example, if you pour vodka or a beer on your arm, you wouldn't get drunk or fail a field sobriety test. Cannabis topicals work on the same principle. The cannabinoids collect in our fat cells but get absorbed before they could permeate through our skin into the bloodstream. THC only gets users high when it reaches our brains by smoking, eating and in less common ways like through your nasal passages or eyes. 


For the same reasons they can't get you high, they also can't make you fail a drug screening. Many closed case studies have been done for THC infused topical use to show that they can not make you fail a drug screening if used how intended.


 We all know a friend of a friend that's a living urban legend. I've heard plenty opf stories about how CBD has gotten their family member high, made someone fall asleep, gave someone anxiety, the list goes on. The truth is, if your friend claims they got high from using a topical it was likely a panic attack. That feeling they experienced is probably the same feeling they have gotten before from smoking weed or eating an edible but it's literally, in their head. Ingesting or smoking too much marijuana or the wrong strain can induce panic and anxiety in the most level headed person so it's no wonder some people panic when using a topical in fear of getting high.  Mind over matter is an amazing thing, we can convince our brains of just about anything. 


Although applying a THC infused topical on your skin will not get you high or cause you to fail a drug screen, there are some things to consider. While skin contact can’t get you a stoned, contact with your mouth, nostrils or eyes can. Just like any other topical medication you should be careful to avoid ingesting it by accident. The best way to avoid this is to wash your hands right after you apply your medication paying extra attention to the under the nail area if you're a nail bitter. 

 In conclusion as long as you use precautions and safety measures when using THC infused topicals, it wont be able to make you fail a drug test or get you high. The risks are always there especially with unfamiliar companies and that's why it's always best to ask questions like where there CBD comes from, if it's grown in the U.S and if it's organic. As stated before, I use low THC plants and material to start. To find out more about my products that I make home made click here.

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