Here are some of our reviews from Facebook. In bold are the specific ailments people are using the Pain Salve for. For a full list of reviews click here.

  • I use their pain salve and it is amazing stuff. Instant relief when you put it on. I have serious lumbar damage and have tried a lot of pain rubs, but none ever worked for me like this one.
  • These salves are unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. The ingredients are pure and of the highest quality. So impressed with everything about these products! From where the ingredients are sourced, how products are produced, to the power of the salves! Also, the smell, I am in love with the way these things have the perfect amount of scent! These work way better than anything I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all!!
  • The salve works great for my back! I highly recommend it!!
  • Wasn't sure how good this could work. Was honestly a little skeptical.
    Bought this as a last ditch effort to relieve neck pain from having slept wrong.
    Applied a couple times the first eve, and before bed. Woke up to the equivalent of the beginning of Cinderella... You know the part where the birds are chirping and getting her dressed??
    Can't stress enough that this is worth trying before resorting to medication for pain!! Thank you again!! Will be ordering bath soaks for when my tub is finished!!
  • My Salve and soap arrived yesterday. The body balm is everything I prayed it would be. I suffer from fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Pain at times can be excruciating and I’m so done with pharma meds. Already I can feel such a huge difference. I’ll be reordering soon!
    Thank you 💕
  • I broke my foot in 2 place on black Friday of 2019..In Jan of this year I was still in a lot of pain. so I ordered some salve and my foot started to heal a lot faster by using this. I was able to do the trip to Nashville tn. in Feb.. so I'm a firm believer in this working.
  • The Pain Salve is amazing..takes the pain away almost immediately!
    After using it as needed for a few days, I found pain relief lasts longer between uses and the swelling in my fingers is much less.
    Try it!
  • High quality products from a highly educated source.
    Very focused on helping and educating customers.
    The lavender bath soak is my personal favorite.
  • Quality people with quality product. Made great gifts for my family and they loved it as well. Would highly reccomend.
  • I won a giveaway and so happy I did! the muscle salve has been a lifesaver this week. And the soaps smell amazing. Cant wait to try them all. and I will definitely be ordering some when im out!
  • My go-to for sciatic nerve pain and tension buildup in my shoulders and neck! Definitely a must have for all members of the family during remote learning.
  • I picked up some of the CB Freeze for my mom. She’s been in agony for a week after tearing a ligament. Transferring pharmacies has been such a challenge that she’s gone without most of her medications. She’s used the salve twice tonight and is already feeling such a huge relief.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you 😭🙌🏼
  • Great products, and wonderful customer service! Thanks for what you do!
  • I love all their product’s and fast shipping ❤️
  • I ordered some bath salts and slave on Friday, and they were on my doorstep today! I have major back issues-numerous herniated discs, severe nerve pain, arthritis/scoliosis of the spine, and fibromyalgia.. When I tell you I was almost I tears while drawing a bath from pain, I’m not kidding. I literally cannot believe how much the bath salts helped on their own. Coupled with the salve?! I might actually sleep tonight. As long as you’re making this, I will be buying it. THANK YOU!
  • I have Cerebral Palsy and I suffer from leg and knee pain. The salve has helped greatly with the pain so much that I don’t need Gabapetin and Tramadol anymore. I highly recommend it to anyone in pain.
  • I recommend the CBD salve for all ailments. This farm is so amazing, Krystie has the best salve on the market. My L1 and L2 disks slide out and cause me severe back pains daily. After using her salve every night, my pain has pretty much been none existent. It has also helped my muscles recover faster after working long days.
  • Great product. Would recommend this to anyone. I have already got one of my friends some and she loves it and it is helping her with her pains just as much as it is helping me. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.
  • Krystie is a sweet, kind soul and her products are amazing! I loved the CBD salve and the bath bomb. I highly recommend her!
  • I was very skeptical about trying the salve. I had shingles across my face,ear and nose. The pain was awful. I had heard that the salve might help. I broke down and bought some. OMG can't believe it worked wonders! I had been blown away with how fast it worked! I have since used it on aching joints caused by Lupus and wished I had known about it sooner! Live and learn!!!!
  • I bought the small jar of lavendar salve from Krystie at a vendor event. I have to say that both she and the salve are amazing! I kept seeing people talking about how great this stuff was but i was initially reluctant because cannabis isn't really a part of my lifestyle. I read reviews and more about how it worked and was considering it for my neck and shoulder pain. After talking with Krystie and getting a better understanding, I was convinced that i should give it a try. There was certainly a pretty immediate impact on my pain and after only 2 days my overall pain level (even without the salve) has started to decline. I'm so excited to continue to manage and treat my pain and have already recommended it to several friends!
  • I highly recommend the salve! It has greatly helped my knee and lower back pains. It smells great, and helps me so much. I don't like taking meds, and the salve works so well! It's a must have!!
  • This salve is amazing. I would recommend it to everyone that has any pain. I have horrible back and neck pain and this is the only thing that has even touched the pain. This is a must have!!!!
  • Just received my salve yesterday which only took two days to receive which was great. I had spinal fusionlast April and still suffer with muscle spasms. I have been using muscle relaxers which really don’t help. But tried the salve and actually slept thru the night., with no pain
  • I got the salve on recommendations from my friends and boy it's the best thing I have done! Not only has it helped my back and neck but it has helped my migraines! When nothing else has worked and you have been to countless doctors and your still in pain everyday, it's amazing when you find something that works. This is a must try if you are in any kind of pain!!!
  • After getting a very severe sunburn I was recommended by a friend to try by the bay farm’s cbd topical. Worked better than aloe in my opinion
  • Absolutely love the salve. I recently had a cold sore brewing (do to a lot of stress) and I used this instead of abreava. It not only healed it but it also made it so it never came to a head and wasn't painful like it usually is. I can't say enough about this product, I recommend it to everyone! Thank you
  • I've been using some of their salve for a few weeks now on my back and pelvis, where I've had multiple surgeries for a degenerative disease, and it's doing amazing things for my pain. I have s really hard time at night especially and since I've been using it my sleep and pain level has dramatically improved. I highly recommend it!
  • Let me tell you I am in love with this salve. I have only been using it for two days, the first day I got it I put some on my lower back and shoulder my pain level is usually about 10+ due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, scoliosis, decompressed discs, and normal wear and tear to my body. Then day two I put some on my lower back, knees, shoulders, neck, face, sides of my head, and my feet. OMG, for the last two days my pain level as not been 10+ but it's not been perfect but with this salve it's tolerable. I actually slept like a baby last night and I didn't wake up to stiff. I highly recommend this salve and this farm to do business with. Krystie is the most amazing woman. She is kind, friendly, professional and makes a great salve that works. I know I will never be 100% pain-free but at least I am able to move a little better using this all-natural salve instead of the manmade meds I was taking that weren't doing anything but making me sick to my stomach. Her prices are very affordable and omg free shipping. Thank you so much for making this salve I look forward to doing continued business with you.
  • I have been using the lavender CBD salve for 3 days and it has significantly reduced joint pain from arthritis & inflammation. I’m am very impressed at how quickly it has started reducing the pain. I am applying 3 times a day. Krystie was super easy to work with and shipping was quick.
  • I got some of the lemon scented Cannabis Salve a few days ago. When I applied it to my chronically sprained ankle for the first time, it alleviated the pain within 10 minutes. Applying it before a shopping trip made it so I could still walk normally after the trip - which is something that doesn't normally happen. Yesterday was the first time I got to use it at work. Normally at the end of my fairly short 5-6 hour shift of heavy lifting and multiple flights of stairs, I collapse when I get home and my bad ankle is twice the size of my "good" ankle. And it stays that way for 2 days. Yesterday, I didn't get a chance to collapse, I had to do work in the yard, where I managed to excellently roll my ankle a couple times - just to add insult to injury. However, using the salve a few times throughout the day, when I finally took my socks and shoes off last night, my ankle was only a tiny bit swollen.
  • Today with all the rain its one of those days when my knee flares up. I can tell within minutes of putting the Salve on that the pain is going away... This product is soooo worth the money it's like ibuprofen but better, organic, and wont ruin your liver!
  • Such a great product! I am 13 weeks post ACL surgery and with in two applications I was able to see a huge differences. Krystie was Great as well very professional! Would highly recommend to anyone recovering from an injury.
  • Bought this for my grandmother. She has horrible arthritis in her hands and for years refused to take any pain medication for it. She tried this once and her pain is managed wonderfully!
  • I cannot say enough good things about the cannabis salve! I was in a car accident this past weekend and nothing has been able to relieve the pain I have in my neck and back- not even the prescription drugs the doctors prescribed. BUT thankfully I just bought a jar of the salve for my mom and she’s given it back to me to use. The relief I feel is almost instant after application. This stuff is a must have for anyone who gets aches and pain! If you’re still debating- just do it.
  • The Cannabis Salve is absolutely fantastic! Our grandson delivered some to us to use on my husband’s Shingle Rash. Before we applied it he was having severe pain moving his head. The rash was angry red and the blisters were quite large. I wish I had taken a picture of it. We put the salve on and within a half an hour the pain was gone and he was able to move his head with no pain. The blisters flattened out and the whole rash is now purple. No more angry red rash. We’re so thankful!
  • This product is a life saver. Totally relieved my persistent shoulder pain. I will keep on hand always. So glad my daughter found this for me!!!
  • I highly recommend the cannabis salve. It was suggested that I try it for my migraines, but I haven't had a chance to do so because I started a medication that seems to be working! Haha! However, I've used the salve for some joint pain with great success. I got the eucalyptus and it smells great. I was expecting a strong, long lasting cannabis smell (which would have potentially bothered my boyfriend), but it's actually very mild. Will buy again!
  • I bought the lavender scented salve for my husband’s shoulder and back muscle strain and it worked almost immediately! The process from ordering to receiving a day or two later was smooth. I’ve told many of my friends about the product and they will be purchasing this amazing salve!
  • I bought the salve about a month ago. The process was quick and easy! The product is so amazing as well, after applying it on my knees and back I get relief within 15 minutes! I will be telling my family and friends about it.
  • I have two jars and they are amazing. After a long day working in the yard and a hot shower a little amount of this goes a long way on sore muscles and arthritis. Bye bye ibuprofen and tramadol!!!
  • The Salve is fantastic, I can't say enough and tell enough people about it. I've been suffering for years with arthritis in my shoulder and back issues on top of it and the Salve is the only thing that has taken the pain away. Thank you, my husband and I love it!!
  • I recently got some of the salve and let me tell you it has helped my back immensely. I have a very large chest and short torso, also have two boys that i had within 20 months of each other and my back was ruined, constant back pain, sciatic nerve issues, and since using the salve my pain is gone as soon as i put it on. I am not one who likes to take medication so fore anyone looking for all natural remedies I would highly recommend this!
  • I have arthritis in both knees and my foot and when i used Krystie's salve I felt better immediately! I had used some from a dispensary and found that this salve absorbed much more quickly, had a nicer feel and worked as well or better for a fraction of the cost. I will be back for more
  • I use this daily for arthritis in my knee. It works great.
  • what a wonderful product! I was a little skeptical about a salve having much effect but wow! i noticed the real affect after the second use. I have a degenerative rotator cuff tear & it aches like a toothache. this salve feels likes it penetrating deep in my tissue. I am getting real relief and the lavender oil is so relaxing I love it. I'm so thankful for this product!
  • With all my various aches and pains I should have purchased this sooner. I am amazed at how well it works and even on sunburn. My Mom didn't believe me so I shared some and she also could not believe how the pain goes away so quickly. Thank you for a making a great product.
  • I had plantar fasciitis for 2-1/2 years. That’s under control now but now I have tendinitis in one foot. I’ve bought TONS of other topical creams and lotions for pain relief but none have worked. Not even a tiny bit. I bought this salve to try; because, why not? I’m so glad I found it. I’ve used this salve twice. Twice! And I have no pain. Seriously, I cannot believe it. If you’ve got pain, I’d give it a try.
  • Love the salve!!! It works great on my aging body
  • I love the salve! It’s really helped with my back pain and arthritis
  • I ordered the salve for my sciatic nerve pain and I can't believe how helpful it is! It takes away the sharp pains so that I can function more normally without being in pain all the time! Thank you so much!!
  • I purchased a small jar of the Lavender Salve I have had some major pain in my knees I have had daily all day for a few weeks . The first application not long after (5-10 minutes) I felt complete relief !
  • I bought this salve for my husbands chronic back pain and he says it works great! Also after a long day of working outside I rubbed some on my sore arms and legs and with in a few I could feel the soreness dissipating. I will definitely repurchase…
  • Love this product!! I have Keratosis Pilaris and it's been hard to find a product I's done wonders for my skin. Over the weekend, I had gotten too much sun...rubbed a little on the burnt areas. It relived the burn pain and redness was gone in a few hours.
  • I bought some CBD salve and it's FANTASTIC! Helps with my neck pain and also helps with my poison ivyitch!!!! Love love love it!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  • I was skeptical about it..but I tried this salve on my back when I fell and bruised my tailbone. I also surely injured some soft tissue too. I was in agony. I applied this every thirty minutes for a day..and then every couple hours. I was amazed at what a difference it made.
  • My family and I suffer from chronic back pain. We would use ice hot pads to help and it never really did the trick. After trying the salve our back pain is finally manageable. Thank you so much for helping our family feel comfortable again!
  • used the Lavender Salve last night on my back for a muscle spasm and it relaxed it out so quickly. Normally it takes me several days of using lidocaine to get over a muscle spasm but I woke up this morning to it completely worked out after using your salve. You have an absolutely amazing product, thank you!
  • All ready on my 2nd jar, I am totally "sold" on the CBD salve. I use it on my neck and shoulders once a day and I am having 90% less migraines! Krystie is super easy to work with and I would recommend and have been recommending this to everyone!
  • I got a pretty bad sunburn on my shoulders today and I put some of the cannabis salve on and the burning pain has seriously gone down. I actually wanted to try a little test so one shoulder got the salve and the other just got burts bees honey and milk lotion. After 10mins I had to give in and put the salve on the burts bees side too. When I also went to use it I noticed someone had already got into it and my husband said he has been using it for his planter fascitis pain too.
  • I bought the salve for my Aunt as she has vertigo and she woke up this morning vertigo free and my grandmother just came out of the hospital in a lot of pain and can’t sleep from the pain so my Aunt rubbed some on her and she slept for the first time in days and absolutely loves this stuff. It’s amazing all the things it’s good for. Also Krystie answered all my Aunts questions over the phone. She went above and beyond for my family.
  • The eucalyptus salve is awesome. I have had major reconstructive arm surgery twice. The second one required severing the bicep to add donor bone. Lately the bicep has been seizing up. The salve has definitely reduced the muscle spasms.
  • I absolutely love the salve!! I purchased the lemon and eucalyptus. I am on Tamoxifen which causes severe joint pain and I also have planter fasciitis, this salve is like magic for my pains! I use mostly at night and I can sleep without any pains!! Thank You for a GREAT product!!
  • Ordered the cannabis salve about a month ago for my boyfriend who suffers from chronic knee and back pain. This salve has worked wonders for him! Some nights he gets home and can barely walk, he applies the salve before bed and wakes up the next morning with no soreness. He twisted his ankle at softball and instead of icing it decided to give the salve a swelling or pain the next morning. We will definitely be ordering more and I'm glad I came across a post from Krystie and was able to find a product to finally help him!
  • I can honestly say that the horrible neck pain I’ve had for several months is almost gone! I think I’m well on my way to becoming addicted to this stuff. Just ordered another jar for my 80-yr old on-laws for their numerous aches and pains. Krystie was so wonderful to work with! Sweet, responsive, and she shipped both orders out really quickly! Thanks Krystie!
  • Received my salve on Monday and have been using it for 4 days now. I am SO happy with it. It's helped my neck, shoulders, and wrists a huge amount. I have all ready put in my 2nd order and can't wait to share with some friends and family. Krystie was SO easy to work with and it came super quick. Thanks so much!
  • We bought the eucalyptus and the lemon salve from Krystie. The entire process was easy. The product came quickly and was packaged perfectly so there wouldn’t be damage. I often get headaches or because I type all day my hands ache by the end of the day. I use a little of this on my temples and across my forehead if I have a takes it away completely and rather quickly. My hands/wrists are so much less achy and super soft....I use the salve before bed every night. It is amazing!!!! If this is something that you think you want to try I highly recommend you purchase this from By the Bay Farm. Not only are you supporting local business but she really is an easy person to work with!
  • I love the salve that Krystie sells! I have late stage Lyme disease with many complications. This helps my nerve pain in many areas.
  • So I just heard about this Salve from a friend and decided to find By the Bay Farm today. I was suffering from lower back issues this past week on top of sinus issues this week, uugghh gots to love pollen! So bought the salve as soon as I got in my car I put on sinus points and went � on way home it dawned on me no pain or headachy from sinus!! Also put on lower back, seriously dull pain is gone!! I honestly feel really really good! Thanks so much By the Bay Farm!! She has different ones and I went for the Eucalyptus one �
  • I am a new user of this product. I purchased 5 containers last week. I picked up a couple for friends also. I have been using it 3 times a day for my chronic pain in my ankle/foot/toes on one foot & both wrists. It has decreased both the pain & inflammation! The key is to keep on re-applying on an ongoing basis. Another benefit is the coconut oil..... great as a moisturizer! I am definitely going to be a long term purchasing client! Thank YOU!!!! Candy
  • Oct 2nd 2017 changed my life I found out I had Ulnar nerve compression that day changed my life feb 26th 2018 I had to have surgery on my elbow they basically had to imitate my nerve and relocate it to another part of my arm the pain in my arm from after surgery and recovery was bad and even after recovery I still have nerve sensitivity cause of where they put my nerve so I bought the unscented Salve to ease the pain and it actually took the pain away works amazing i don’t ever have to take pain meds for the pain anymore which is wat I was rooting for I truly recommend this product it def works for nerve pain 150% it def does I am proof it does I will always be a customer to this business forever till I die
  • This product is amazing! I bought some for my Mom who is turning 70 and owns a local diner and cooks 6-7 days a week for an average of 10 hours a day...her hand was not able to close and she had trigger finger. I told her to try the cream I gave her...2 weeks later she can close her hand and NO MORE TRIGGER FINGER..and she swears she is sleeping better!!!! Fast delivery and amazing product..everyone needs a jar in their house!
  • Works amazing for his back pain! We loved it so much we ended up buying a second one in the eucalyptus scent for my mother who has neuropathy!
  • I’ve been to the chiro for 6 weeks with minimal results. I’ve applied this twice daily and generously for 5 days and my sciatica pain is barely existent now. So very happy to have found this product. IT WORKS!!
  • At 31 years old I suffer from degenerative disc disease

    in my neck, lower back disc issues from carrying two children and awful ovarian cysts. I apply this salve to my back and neck daily, and to my lower abdomen when needed and it has truly been a godsend. I’ve tried other lotions with essential oils and oral CBD for the pain but nothing helps like this salve (I’ve also decreased my ibuprofen intake 👍🏻). An old friend recommended this salve to me and now I’m recommending this to anyone suffering. My husband and I will be long time customers! Thank you so much!

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