Rabbit Manure

Rabbit Manure

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It will increase poor soil by improving soil structure and also improving the life cycle of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. It is rich in many nutrients and very simple to use.

The great thing about rabbit manure is that it doesn't have to be composted like many other manures. It can go straight from the rabbit to your plants!

The best part is 1 cup of rabbit manure equals 25 GALLONS of liquid fertilizer! 

Our rabbits are fed Organic Grain pellets, Organic Wheatgrass and Organic Alfalfa.
How to use it?
By making rabbit poo tea! Now you don't drink it, but your plants will and they will love this liquid fertilizer. 
Simply take a bucket and add a ratio of 5:1 water to rabbit manure and mix. Leave it open and in the sun for 4-7 days. Strain the poop out then dilute your poo tea with 1 part tea with 1 gallon of water then feed your plants!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Vikke S.
Rabbit Manure

I was worried it would smell but it really doesnt plus the plants seems to be taking off!

Hannah G.
works great

Now a staple in my garden

Katherine G.
Do your plants the favor

Ive always wanted rabbits for the manure but I dont have the time. This worked out great that I could but it direct from my favorite CBD store :)

Amelia Grace
Tomatoes love it

Fast shipping and affordable price too

Emily Woods

Works really well. Im super please especially for how cheap it breaks down to be.