DIY Dehydrated Eggs aka Powdered Eggs

Like most chicken owners, we either have no eggs or out counters are flooded with egg cartons. So then our options are to run out and buy eggs or find a way to preserve them.

This method is one of the safest that I have found. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pickled egg but one wrong step and you could end up with botulism.  So we dehydrate them into "powdered" eggs. I won't lie, reconstituting them gives you a bit of a grainy texture therefore this recipe may not be for everyone but if you have a dehydrator kicking around and extra eggs, it's a fun experiment too.

Before you start you will need a good dehydrator, I've heard mixed reviews about the Nesco but we have an Excalibur and I swear by this brand. In the past we owned a no name circular dehydrator and it always burnt half the food while the rest was raw.

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Next you will also need a dinner plate with a high rim to put the eggs into. The fruit roll up sheets will not do, you will have a huge egg mess on your hands.

   Begin by cracking eggs into a large bowl, how many eggs really depends on how deep your plate is but I have fit 13 eggs in a plate while other times I don't have that many and may do 4 at a time.

Scramble the eggs with a whisk until fully blended, you can also use a food processor if you want to really make sure they don't separate on you.


 Poor the blended eggs onto your plate then place the plate into your dehydrator. Set the temperature to 135 for about 14 hours, You will know its done when the eggs easily pop off the plate, break apart and are no longer sticky.


After this place the dried eggs into food processor or blender and blend until powdered, you will have some little bits, that's okay. 

Store your powdered eggs in a mason jar. If you have a hand vac sealer like the one below or a standard meat sealer, it's best to remove any air from the jars for a longer shelf life. 



To reconstitute the eggs add 1 part eggs to 3 parts water, mix well in a bowl, let sit for 10 minutes then cook just as you would scrambled eggs. They taste the same but if not blended well you may have some grit pieces in them. 

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