Begin by clicking the rewards button at the bottom right of the screen. You must sign up for an account if you don't already have an account with us. Once signed up, all previous purchases will be converted into points.


Once you are logged into your account and you click the rewards button, click the top button where it says "How to Earn Points" this will being you to the following page where you can earn points for things like following us on Facebook! If you already follow us or you're subscribed to emails, just follow the instructions to earn the points.

How do I earn points?

Just by signing up you will receive 50 points. Then every purchase made will also earn you points. Every dollar spent is a point earned. 

Example: $56 spent on products will reward you with 56 points

*shipping costs and tips do not accumulate reward points.


How do I check my points?

Once you have made an account and you are signed in, click the rewards button again and it will display the amount of points you have earned under your name.

What are the rewards available?

Discount $10 for 250 points

Discount $20 for 500 points

Discount $45 for 1,000 points

How do I redeem my points?

After you have earned a reward, click "how to redeem" then select the reward you wish to use. It will be added to your check out or saved for another time under "reward list".

Can I sign up if I pay cash in person or card over the phone?

Absolutely. You still need to make an account on our website first. After that just make mention when picking up that you are a rewards member and your points will be added. Keep in mind that if you pay in cash you will earn DOUBLE rewards.

I just signed up and the system isn't showing the right amount?

Please allow us 24 hours to convert you purchases into points. Although this system is pretty neat, it doesn't convert everything automatically. I have to manually add everything to your new account. If after 24 hours the system is not correcting displaying your points, just reach out to us and I can look into it and fix it.

Do my points expire?

Yes. From the time that your points were added to your account you have one year to use them before they begin expire.

Can I redeem my reward on the phone or in person?

Yes! Let us know that you have a reward and we can pull that up in the system at markets or in person from our Wareham location.

Can I get rewards from other retail locations?

Unfortunately at this time I do not have a way to track purchases and sales from outside vendors. You can redeem them in person with myself, online, events or over the phone as well