About Me

(I can never get everyone to look at the camera at the same time)
Who are we?
 My name is Krystie, I'm a mom to two beautiful children. I run a micro farm with chickens, greenhouses and gardens which is where I started "by the bay farm" back in 2011. I have always been fascinated by the "Homestead" lifestyle. It was mostly a hobby of mine to be self sufficient and to blog about it.  While learning to become more self sufficient I started making my own bath products and teaching DIY soap classes, growing almost all of our food and making my own household cleaners and health products. 
In 2016, I started making the Cannabis Pain Salve for myself and my family. It wasn't long after that I had extra and posted them to a local Homesteading group where they sold out within minutes. From that day forward I struggled to stay stocked with the salve. But I do it all from ordering, making the salve to shipments. I don't work for an MLM company, I'm sole proprietor and as a one man show I strive to make the best quality products and give every customer the personal attention they need.
What got me started?
I like a lot of you suffer from chronic pain. I have what’s called ankylosing spondylitis and with that sacroilitis of the SI joints, degenerative disc disease, sciatic nerve pain, costocondritis and osteoarthritis. 
Ankylosing Spondylitis aka Bechterew’s Disease is an inflammatory and autoimmune disorder causing arthritis to the spine and large joints. It causes back, pelvic, hip, shoulder, neck and rib pain along with many other issues. I often have flares triggered by food, heat and humidity. 
For years I turned to ibuprofen and as a result I ended up with an ulcer that exacerbates my reflux and stomach pains. I tried everything from Accupuncture, Physical Therapy to nerve and pain blockers with minimal results and added side effects.
A few years back I tried Salve as an alternative. I like many others, was skeptical. It probably sat in my cabinet for two weeks before I broke down in a flare and gave it a go. I was amazed that within 10 minutes I wasn’t in pain. I figured I moved off the nerve causing my sciatic pain and carried on. Within an hour the pain was back and my husband convinced me to put it on again, again the pain was gone in 10 minutes. I repeated this process for a few days, every time there was pain, I applied. Within the matter of a couple weeks I slowly noticed I wasn’t having to apply as often. To this day my sciatic has yet to flare like it did back then. Although my disease has progressed making daily tasks more difficult for me, I still use the salve to help take the edge off on my worst days and it helps me remain fully functional on the non flare days. 
Now, of course I make it myself because I was finding it difficult to find or it was too far away. After months of practice I released my product and the response has been overwhelmingly great. I hate to know others are in as much or more pain as myself but even on my worst days, you guys are what keep me going. I’m so thankful I found this product a few years back. It’s truly changed my life and I’m so happy so many of you went outside your comfort zone to let me help you as well. I try to keep the salve as affordable as possible. This isn't to undercut my competitors, it's because so many people that are in pain and on disability or they are limited with working and can't afford most Salves on the market. 
Just know that you’re not alone in this. Pain is extremely depressing. For as long as I can, I promise to continue to help as many of you as possible. We’re 100% in this together 💚✌️ -Krystie