About Me

(I can never get everyone to look at the camera at the same time)
Who are we?
 My name is Krystie, I'm a mom to two beautiful children. I run a micro farm with chickens, greenhouses and gardens which is where I started "by the bay farm" back in 2011. I have always been fascinated by the "Homestead" lifestyle. It was mostly a hobby of mine to be self sufficient and to blog about it.  While learning to become more self sufficient I started making my own bath products and teaching DIY soap classes, growing almost all of our food and making my own household cleaners and health products. 
In 2016, I started making the Cannabis Salve for myself and my family. It wasn't long after that I had extra and posted them to a local Homesteading group where they sold out within minutes. From that day forward I struggled to stay stocked with the salve. But I do it all from ordering, making the salve to shipments. I don't work for an MLM company, I strive to make the best quality products and give every customer the personal attention they need.