Free Bread Project

With the rapid spread of Covid-19 and many people being out of work, here at By The Bay Farms were trying to help out any way we can.

So were making homemade Fresh baked bread, daily! For you to take home, for FREE! There are absolutely no questions asked except if you would like it sliced or unsliced. We hope that with this project it will help inspire others to give if they can as well.  

More information: 

Homemade, no preservatives and baked daily!
If you would like a loaf, either message me here, call or text. They are limited but I’ll do my best to help keep everyone fed!
For now please keep it to one loaf per family.
Message me if anyone if you’re home has food allergies and when you would like to pick up. If I’m out you will go on to the following days pick up and so on.

Because it is preservative free, it is not sliced so it will last longer. Please let me know if you need it sliced prior to pick up... don’t try to cut it using a regular kitchen knife, you will smoosh it 😂

I will post what I have every day on the story of my Facebook page which I will link down below. It will mostly be sandwich bread and crusty artisan breads

If you would like to help with this project in someway, donations of flour and yeast would greatly be appreciated as stores are sold out. Sharing this project with others who may be in need is also a great way to help, you can find my original facebook post here.
Try to keep your head up! We will overcome this 🤟🏼💚
Pick ups will be “no-contact” from my home in Buzzards Bay

To make white sandwich bread yourself click here.

For a no-knead version click here.

Our facebook page can also be found here: