Rabbit Sales Policy

At By The Bay Farms we offer rabbits for sale as companion pets, market or breeding prospects. Purchasing a rabbit from our farm guarantees that you have read and agree with the policies listed. 

Our rabbits will be sold to responsible owners that will provide them with proper nutrition, dry housing and fresh water at all times.
We have the right to refuse a sale. Pet rabbits are sold without pedigrees, 
we offer free support for the lifetime of your rabbit and will take them back at any time (with no refund) if you are unable to care for them.
Our rabbits go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks or older.
Many live in a hutch outdoors perfectly happy. Others produce for their families. Please be sure to educate yourself on Rabbit care and needs before bringing one home to your family.

Health Guarantee

We will guarantee that all rabbits are healthy and free of illness and disease when sold.

 Some change and develop more as they mature. 
  I do my best to check, when in the kit stage it can be difficult to identify does vs. bucks, so the sex of the rabbit you purchase is not 100% guaranteed.