Fertile Pekin Duck Eggs By The Bay Farms
Fertile Pekin Duck Eggs By The Bay Farms
Fertile Pekin Duck Eggs By The Bay Farms

Fertile Pekin Duck Eggs

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ CANCELLATIONS ARE NOT GAURANTEED! For the best hatch rate we ship out every business day. That means that your eggs may be packed and shipped in less than 30 minutes. Be absolutely sure you want these prior to completing your order. If we're able to cancel your order, you will receive the full amount of your shipping cost back but only half of the price of the eggs this is because they are perishable and we likely wont be able to resell them. We do not ship internationally. Also note that we do not give refunds if eggs arrived damaged, only replacements. DO NOT WASH/CLEAN THE EGGS These eggs are unwashed, mess is normal with ducks and their eggs. Do not wash, wipe or rinse off the eggs prior to placing them into the incubator. This can remove the protective bloom and greatly reduces hatch rates. DO NOT RELEASE INTO THE WILD Be sure that you can give the ducks a good home when they hatch or find them a home before they hatch. You can always post them on Craigslist or search local farming/ chicken or duck pages on facebook. Releasing domestic ducks such as Pekins into the wild could land YOU a hefty fine, jail time and also the result of the animals dying. Pekins can not fly therefore they can not migrate. They need housing, feed and water. DO YOUR RESEARCH Please do your thorough research prior to purchasing hatching eggs. I can not coach everyone on how to hatch eggs. It is an art and special care and attention to detail is a must. If this is your first time hatching I suggest doing a trial run with some cheap, local Chicken or Quail eggs as hatching Duck eggs can be difficult and a skill that takes time to learn. Regardless if you plan on keeping the ducks or give them away, you should be prepared with chick feed, a brooder, chick feeder/waterer and a way to keep them warm like a heat lamp or other chick heater. Ducklings need to be kept at 90 degrees when first hatched and removed from the incubator. AVAILABILITY Starting around September and lasting until approximately May we have a drastic drop in egg production. The further into winter we get, the less eggs we receive and they ultimately stop laying all together until spring. This isn't the case for all farmers but we are located in Northern Vermont and we tend to have very dark and overcast off seasons. Poultry, specifically ducks require long days of light in order to produce eggs. Once they stop laying, our online inventory will reflect as such. VIABILTY All our eggs are gathered multiple times a day to increase viability and fertility. Our Pekin Ducks are very healthy and the males have been proven with great hatch rates. While we can't promise hatch rates, we have been extremely successful and so have many of our past customers! Remember that you begin your hatch countdown on the day they are placed in the incubator, not the day they were laid. SHIPPING We package them with care and only ship out using USPS 1-3 Business day Priority. I encourage everyone to have the eggs shipped to your home and not a P.O BOX as they can sometimes be forgotten for a few days and every day counts. If your eggs arrive damaged, please send photos of the box (inside and out) and eggs to our contact email or phone number on the day of arrival. By purchasing, you have acknowledged and agreed to these statements. We do not ship internationally due to customs, quarantining and time. We do not make exceptions for this. Free shipping codes do not cover the eggs as they have their own shipping costs and need special requirements. Shipments are mailed out USPS within 3 business days. If you’re local and wish to pick up, just give us a call. Happy Hatchings! 🐣

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Packaging!

They came really well packaged, they had a thick layer of newspaper and the eggs were double sealed in bubble wrap. I candles the eggs and I think all of them are fertilized, but they were unfortunately left outside for two hours in the cold, so I’m really hoping they’re going to be okay. I put them in my incubator as soon as I could.

5 out of 7 hatched

Packaging was excellent and speedy delivery. Would buy again. Love my new babies so much.

Kelly Cronin
16 days to go

I received 7 eggs (1 extra) one did come pretty damaged. But the other 6 were fine. They were all viable and are growing well. I will update again on hatch day. But so far so good. Strong little eggs

Jessica Williams
Fast Shipping Great Service!

The eggs arrived so fast! Packaging was great. All eggs arrived intact! Even had a handwritten note wishing my mama duck well! It hasn’t been long enough to see if they hatch yet but Mama duck is working hard sitting on these babies! Pleasant experience! Will purchase again in the future!

Kendra Mckinny
Great hatch

I’m very happy